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Welcome to Likinia hotel

LIKINIA Hotel is a newly built  hotel located inside the historic Castle of Monemvasia in the Southern Peloponnese.

The stone built hotel, which has been constructed with absolute respect to the historic surroundings and architecture of the Castle , is offering a very pleasant and relaxing accommodation to its guests, thanks to its comfortable furniture and modern equipment.

All the architectural elements were preserved during construction, such as arcs and cisterns, while there has been a wonderful combination of marble floors in each room and marble walls in their bathrooms.

Its beautiful construction, its bright rooms thanks to their numerous windows, and its tasteful furniture are making LIKINIA Hotel a jewel for the Castle of Monemvasia.

LIKINIA Hotel is located in Chrysafitissa Square, which is adjacent to the southern part of the Castle ‘s fortification, just above the sea.

Thanks to the hotel ‘s proximity to the sea, most of its 4 suites and 12 rooms have a beautiful sea view and its guests may enjoy the coolness of the sea breeze through its numerous windows

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Another important advantage of LIKINIA Hotel is its location near the fortification by the sea, where the historic "Portello" (the exit of the walls giving access to the sea) is located, allowing the guests of LIKINIA Hotel to swim in the sea and enjoy a spectacular view of the Castle, without needing a car to reach the sea.

Also during winter months, you may enjoy the spectacular view of the sea, having your drink by the beautiful fireplace of your room.

There are several sites in the Castle, but guests should not forget to visit the adjacent church of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicolas), the construction of which was completed in 1703 by the philosopher Andreas Likinios.  From Agios Nikolaos, you may go down the stone-built stairs of our hotel, that connect the church to Chrisafitissa Square, from where you may enjoy an undistracted view of the Castle.

We invite you to travel to Monemvasia and enjoy a truly romantic escape in our newly built hotel inside the Castle.

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